Building Department

The Building Department staff is also located at 2 Bridge Road and works with contractors, residents, and their representatives in support of residents’ applications for development and/or building permits, variances and/or alternative building standards.  They also ensure compliance with federal, state, county and Town of Jupiter Island building codes, laws and policies related to construction, planning and zoning, setbacks, code enforcement and other building-related activities.

Wayne Bergman

Director of Planning, Zoning & Building

  • Oversees and administers Building Department operations to ensure all development plans and building permit applications comply with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan; Land Development Regulations (LDR); national, state and regional building code standards; Health Department rules; Energy Efficiency codes; coastal construction setback regulations; life safety codes; and flood damage prevention requirements.
  • Interfaces with contractors, residents, other staff and officials to resolve building-related questions or concerns.
  • Inspects building projects in the process of construction, alteration or repair for compliance with building and zoning code requirements and for application of local, state and national construction practices.
  • Reviews all building-related requests to appear before the Town’s advisory boards and committees, such as the Board of Adjustment, Impact Review Committee and Local Planning Agency.  Prepares summaries of cases to be heard, along with history and staff recommendations.
  • Responsible to assure that all code enforcement regulations and conditions are met by contractors and residents and, if not, to prepare appropriate summaries of violations and recommend enforcement action by the Town or its Code Enforcement Board.
(772) 545-0150

Terri Morgan

Administrative Assistant

  • Provides general information regarding the Building Department
  • Serves as the receptionist answering phone calls, building requests and greeting residents and contractors
  • Receives building permit applications from contractors, Board of Adjustment applications and Impact Review applications
  • Schedules inspections and maintains communication between contractors and inspectors
  • Maintains the registration of licensed contractors and subcontractors
(772) 545-0150