Town Boards & Committees

Board of Adjustment

Hears residents’ requests for Variances and Alternative Development Standards and makes recommendations to the Town Commission regarding subdivisions.
  • Christopher Smith, Chair
  • James Spurgeon, Vice Chair
  • Roger Griffin
  • Jean Bender Mahoney
  • Marjorie Gadarian Graham
  • Tony Cruger, Alternate
  • Jodi Dines, Alternate
  • Joseph McChristian, Jr., Alternate

Local Planning Agency

Hears requests for amendments to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and boundary changes.
  • Robert Rowden, Chair
  • Joseph Taddeo, Vice Chair
  • Mali Annibali
  • Trent Steele, Esq.
  • Scott Hughes
  • Henrietta Fridholm, Alternate
  • Kathy Dunne, Alternate

Impact Review Committee

Hears residents’ concerns regarding potential adverse impacts to the neighbors by proposed construction.
  • Joyce Bullen Gay, Chair
  • Bonnie Schiralli, Vice Chair
  • Evelyn Lyon
  • Tucker Johnson
  • Stanley Trotman
  • Judy Holden, Alternate
  • Katharine Spurgeon, Alternate
  • Penelope Townsend, Alternate

Beautification Committee

Considers matters regarding the aesthetic environment of Jupiter Island
  • Lyn Ianuzzi, Chair, Jupiter Island Garden Club
  • Jodi Dines, Jupiter Island Residents Association
  • Lynn Knutson, Jupiter Island Holdings, Inc.
  • Ogden White, Jupiter Island Historical Society
  • Stephanie Flinn, At Large
  • Mary Garrett, At Large
  • Kate Miller, At Large
  • Nathaniel Reed, At Large

Arts Council

Reviews art donations and recommends art purchases.
  • Ann Geupel, Chair
  • Commissioner Maura Collins
  • Mary Ann Casey
  • Jack Crowe
  • Laura Danforth
  • Jane Davis Doggett
  • Marshall Field V
  • James Johnson
  • Peter Lawson-Johnston

Finance Advisory Committee

Oversees the Town’s financial condition and provides financial advice to the Town Commission and Town staff.
  • Commissioner Barry Hall, Chair
  • Charles “Chip” Brennan
  • William G. Brown
  • Bradley Krey
  • Gene Rauth
  • Michael Ventura

Pension Plan Committee

Administers the Town employees’ defined benefit retirement plan.
  • Robert “Robin” Geddes, Chair
  • J. Geddes Parsons
  • Chief Bob Garlo
  • Gene Rauth, Town Manager
  • Michael Ventura, Deputy Town Manager/Finance Director

Scholarship Committee

Reviews applications for scholarships for children of Town employees and raises scholarship funds.
  • James R. Spurgeon, Chair
  • Alita Reed
  • Molly Downing
  • Edward Robson
  • Charlotte Johnson

Code Enforcement Board

Enforces Town’s Code of Ordinances regarding zoning, nuisances, utilities, animals, etc.
  • Clement McGillicuddy, Chair
  • Bob Gordon
  • Margaret Lord
  • Ruth Mead
  • Eleanor Seaman
  • Nancy Rowden, Alternate
  • Jared Gaylord, Esq , Alternate

Citizens Round Table

Provides public input on transportation issues to the Martin County Metropolitan Planning Organization.
  • Trent Steele, Esq.

Grievance Resolution Board

Recommends resolution of unresolved disputes between Town employees and their supervisors.
  • Joseph Taddeo, Chair
  • Charles Modica
  • Barbara Carr
  • Andrew Belford, Alternate
  • Marc Gaylord, Esq., Alternate
  • Hank Heck Jr., Alternative