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Town Organization

The Town of Jupiter Island, which was incorporated in 1953, operates in a manager-council form of government, with the Town’s day-to-day administration managed by the Town Manager. The Town has three separate operating units, the Town Commission, the Beach Protection District, and the South Martin Regional Utility (SMRU). The operating departments of the Town Government are Administration, the Building Department, Public Safety, and Public Works.


Many years ago, Circuit Court Judge Wallace Sample dismissed a zoning case against the Town of Jupiter Island using wording that still holds true today, and upholding a concept that we hope will forever endure. We share these thoughts with new residents as we welcome them to our unique Island:

The community is unique – it is the one and only, different from all others, having no like or equal. It is unusual, extraordinary and rare. It was cut from one mold and its counterpart cannot be found elsewhere. Many people would consider it dead – but it is very much alive with genteel living, friendship and compatibility. The Town doesn’t want what many others have, but many others would be better off if they had more of what this Town has and wants to keep- seclusion, solitude and tranquility.